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Article Highlight: Andalusian Horse Profile: A Brilliant & Influential Breed

The Andalusian or Andalucian is a type of 'light horse' from Spain primarily used for riding or driving. This horse is not large but has a commanding presence. Monks preserved the purest strain of the Andalucian… Keep reading »
Wild horses galloping in the canyons of Rano Raraku

Whether you're an avid horse enthusiast, or are just curious about various horse breeds, there are a ton of differences and unique qualities to take note of. Although some breeds are more popular than others, there are around 350 horse breeds in the world, and that excludes pony breeds.


The Mustang, otherwise known as a wild or feral horse, is incredibly strong, intelligent, and hardy. Many Mustangs roam free in the United States, but those that have been captured and adopted out make for loyal and mentally solid riding companions once you have earned their trust. They typically weight under 1,500 pounds and stand between 14 and 15 hands high. Mustangs come in a variety of colors, but typically have brown and sometimes blue eyes.

Wild Mustang Horses In The West Desert Of Utah


The Shire, often confused for the Clydesdale, is a large British breed with a defined snout. They typically weigh up to 2,500 pounds and stand around 17 to 20 hand high. They are known for the sweet demeanor and passive temperament, along with their incredible work ethic. Shires can pull tremendous amounts of weight and can also be great for relaxed riding.

Shire Horse


The Appaloosa is an American horse breed known for their beautifully patterned coats and striped hooves. They weigh between 950 to 1200 pounds and stand around 15 to 16 hands high. Appaloosas are ridden on the trail, used for farm work, as well as English riding disciplines, and racing. They are known for having a brave and independent temperament, as well as being quite intelligent.

Appaloosa horse running in field in summer


Palomino horses can be many breeds, but are known for their beautiful gold coat and light colored tail and mane. Some may argue that Palominos themselves are their own breed, but there hasn't been an exact consensus. They can weigh around 1,200 pounds and tend to be anywhere from 14 to 17 hands high.

Running palomino welsh pony


Arabian horses are known for the distinct small, dished face and arched neck. They are typically very graceful and have incredible endurance abilities. They are usually fairly easy to train and weigh between 800 to 1,000 pounds.

Arabian Horse


The Clydesdale is a large draft horse that has incredible abilities to pull significant amounts of weight. They stand between 16 and 18 hands high. They can live to be around 25 years old and are known for being gentle giants. They make for great trail riding horses as well due to their sweet and thoughtful demeanor.

Clydesdale Horse in Norfolk Island

Deciphering Horse Breeds

Although some breeds look similar to each other, all horse breeds have distinct characteristics that differentiate them. If you plan on adopting, purchasing, or learning about horses, take your time digging into the interesting histories of each unique breed.

Guide to Different Horse Breeds