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Show jumping

Horses have been domesticated for a long time, but the number of horse sports and hobbies available to enjoy continues to grow. LoveToKnow Horse Activities can guide you through several of the common events, games and other types of fun out there for you and your horse.

Riding and Racing

Many people have heard of common types of horseback riding such as racing and Western pleasure. Learn all about how to ride as well as the ins and outs of racing.

  • Discover how to get children riding horses in a safe and fun way. Many kids love interacting with animals, and horse activities will teach them about these animals while they get exercise and outdoor recreation.
  • Learn about the different types of horse racing, including the history of each event, rules, equipment and common breeds in each.
  • Find out how far a rider and horse team travel in horse endurance riding. This athletic competition requires the winner to complete the entire distance while staying healthy.

Unique Horse Sports

World vaulting championship

Games with horses are as varied as human sports. If you're curious or are looking for a more unusual hobby to enjoy with your horse, LoveToKnow Horse Activities has information on some less common types of horse recreation.

  • Horseball features two, rider-horse teams of four that compete to throw a ball into a goal. This intriguing game is based on the Argentine sport of pato.
  • Learn if you have what it takes to start practicing horse vaulting. This activity combines acrobatics with horseback riding in an exciting and artistic show.

Exercise for Everyone

Get outdoors and interact with your horse in a new and exciting way. Regardless of the specific event you choose, you're certain to enjoy yourself with these magnificent creatures.

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