9 Funny Horse Show Videos

Horses can be hilarious

All around the globe, human civilization has had a long and storied history with horses. Beyond the worlds of work and leisure, though, horses can also be the subject of many funny animal videos, particularly at shows and related events.

Who Needs a Rider?

It takes a very long time to train a horse to compete in horse shows. After a while, though, it seems like their competitive spirit can be enough to drive some horses through any course all by themselves!

The Riding Instructor

Tommy Turvey and his equine partner Pokerjoe perform an impressively complex and intricately choreographed comedy routine at the Del Mar National Horse Show in Del Mar, California. They're just horsing around!

Failure to Jump

They say that it's not about how many times you fall off your horse; it's about how many times you get back up on the saddle to ride again. There is certainly a lot of falling in this "fail" compilation!

Don't Drink and Ride

The Donnert brothers offer a good reminder why you should never drink and ride in this wildly comedic act with a very talented horse. You can certainly imagine such a scene happening in the Wild West, particularly after imbibing a little too much at the old saloon.

Kick It Up a Notch

What happens when a guy tries to get a little too creative in how he wants to mount his horse? Well, it's probably safe to say that horse vaulting is not in his future. This looks like it really hurt. He'll surely never do that again!

Jimmy Kimmel's Horse Pants

Funny horse videos need not be restricted to the competitive arenas of dressage and show jumping; they can also be found on the set of Shark Tank. In this clip, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel partners with Guillermo to pitch horse pants. Look at the opportunity!

High Level Competitive Quadrille

Riding dressage can be a very artistic and remarkably technical sport. It takes the right kind of horse with the right kind of trainer. While the competitive scene can be fierce, there's definitely something that "sticks" out about this "hobby" (pun intended)!

A Ripping Good Time

Learning how to ride a horse, with a unicorn helmet no less, is a dream that many young girls have. However, they might not dream of riding a horse with quite this much gas. She's still having a good time though!

Leap of Faith

To some people, it may look like a very minor obstacle that is easily overcome. To this horse, however, crossing this divide requires far more gusto than a simple little hop. It's all about perspective.

More Horsing Around

Why the long face? For even more laughs, "hoof" it to watch some videos featuring funny felines and comical canines too. You'll be enjoying some unbridled giggles in no time at all!

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9 Funny Horse Show Videos