Horse Equipment

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Accessories for horse riding

When you care for a horse, the amount and variety of equipment you need can be overwhelming. LoveToKnow Horses is here to help you learn about the diverse types of horse equipment you might require. Choosing the correct item for each horse activity is important to keep you and your horse safe and healthy.

Equipment for Riding

While it is possible to ride a horse without any equipment, most people will use some type of tack. Different riding styles will dictate your specific needs, and there are numerous accessories to choose from.

  • Learn the basics of horse tack before you delve into more complicated equipment choices. This includes saddles, bridles, bits, halters, reins and much more.
  • Find out more about the different types of horse saddles and how they are fit to both the rider and the horse.

Everyday Care and Needs

Many items may be needed for the daily care of your horse, from feed and water devices to blankets and fly masks. LoveToKnow Horses can help you learn about these pieces of equipment so you can make an informed decision when you purchase these things.

  • Horses hoof
    Horse feeders come in all shapes and sizes. Discover the differences between bale feeders, tombstone feeders and hay racks, as well as when to use a slow feeder.
  • Read about whether your horse needs shoes and how horse shoes can protect your horse's feet or treat medical problems.
  • Prepare for travel with your horse and find out what types of horse trailers are available, how to load your horse on the trailer and more.

Find the Best Choice

You want to use all the information available to find the best equipment for your horse. LoveToKnow Horses has assembled these helpful articles to guide your choices and to keep you and your horse happy and active.

Horse Equipment