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Waterproof Horse Blankets

Gabrielle Applebury
Horses covered in winter blankets

In the fall and winter months, you may want to consider getting your horse a waterproof blanket. These can help keep your horse warm, dry and protected from the chilly weather. Review the different types of waterproof blankets so you can decide which type is best suited for your horse.

Durable Turnout Blanket

Turnout blankets are great for active horses that need protection while out in pasture or working out. These blankets are typically made out of a stronger material to prevent your horse from damaging her blanket while running, playing or rolling. Turnout blankets will also help keep your horse warm and protected if they are left in pasture overnight, instead of kept in a barn or shelter.

Tough 1 Combo Blanket

Tough-1 combo blanket is made out of heavy duty 1200 Denier Poly and filled with 300 grams of polyfill. The exterior has a waterproof outer shell coating as well as double stitched nylon binding to prevent tearing. It is a great option for those who have rambunctious, playful horses that get turned out often or are pastured with other horses. It works best for those who get heavy snow, rain and very cold gusts of wind. This waterproof blanket covers the body and neck and offers tail protection. It costs around $110 and comes in green, blue and purple. It is available online at Stateline Tack, but you can also purchase this blanket from Chick's Discount Saddlery and


On top of its competitive pricing, this blanket also boasts:

  • Medium to heavy warmth
  • Strong material that can stand up to biting and chewing
  • Moisture-wicking properties to help keep your horse dry
  • Adjustable buckles to keep your horse as comfortable as possible and the blanket snug and secure
  • Offers sizes that fit horses measuring from 69 to 84 inches in length


Although this blanket can work for many horses, it may not be best for:

  • Those who are not in very cold climate
  • Horses that tend to get their blankets stuck on nails or fences as it could rip or damage the product
  • Horses that overheat easily, or have very thick winter coats

Exceptional Quality

Customers who purchased this from Stateline Tack have noted that the quality of this blanket is superb and the pricing often beats similarly styled blankets. Many customers have used this blanket on horses who are turned out with other horses and have reported that even under extremely playful circumstances, the blanket not only stays put but is difficult to damage and tear. One of the coolest features about this blanket is that your horse will continue to have its full range of motion, and can play or workout while wearing it.

Super Lightweight Horse Sheet

A horse sheet is like a raincoat for your horse. It doesn't provide any warmth but will help keep your horse dry. A horse sheet is a great option for horses who need a little extra protection from the elements while they are outside.

Challenger Horse Sheet

The Challenger horse sheet is made out of a thin, lightweight material designed to keep your horse comfortable in rainy conditions. It is perfect for those who need a simple way to keep a horse dry, without the added insulation that many blankets come with. This blanket costs around $69 and comes in a black and gray color combination. It fits average-sized horses that measure around 78 inches. Aside from being available for purchase through Amazon, you can also find this blanket at Tackrus.


This blanket works well for horses who live in moderate climates or have a thick winter coat. This blanket features:

  • Adjustable shoulder, neck, chest and hindquarter buckles to ensure the perfect fit and unrestricted movement
  • Tail protection
  • 100 percent waterproof material that keeps your horse dry
  • Breathable material to keep your horse comfortable


This blanket is not the best option for horses that:

  • Need additional warmth, or have shorn or thin winter coats
  • Play rough, as it may damage the product
  • Do not have additional shelter to seek if it begins raining heavily or snowing
  • Are sensitive to sounds, when rain hits the material it sounds like a plastic bag crinkling

Great Lightweight Blanket

Reviewers on Amazon have said that this blanket is easy to adjust and stays in place once the buckles have been secured. Many people note that the blanket allows for a full range of motion and that their horses don't seem to be bothered when wearing it. The blanket does a great job at keeping their horses dry and happy during rainy weather.

High-Quality Blanket

More expensive blanket options are typically higher quality and are made from extra-durable materials like nylon and Teflon. These kinds of blankets are great if you are looking to buy just one blanket that will keep your horse protected season after season.

Weatherbeeta Blanket

The Weatherbeeta blanket is made out of 1680 denier ballistic nylon with a Teflon coating on the outside, making it durable as well as waterproof. It is available in a 220-gram fill or 360-gram fill, so you can order the one that's right for your climate. It works well for those who are wanting to invest in a high-quality blanket that offers serious warmth for their horses. It costs around $317 and fits horses measuring 69 to 84 inches. It comes in a charcoal color with light blue and white trim around the edges. If you purchase the blanket through Smarktpak, they offer a free, matching fleece cooler. They also give a three-year warranty on the blanket and offer customizable embroidering.


On top of providing your horse with warmth and comfort, this blanket features:

  • Waterproof and breathable material
  • Removable and waterproof neck protection
  • Memory foam core to keep your horse comfortable while wearing the blanket
  • Padded and removable leg straps
  • Tail protection
  • Adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit
  • Belly band to ensure fit and add extra warmth
  • Shoulder gusset that allows for easy movement


This product is not well suited for horses that:

  • Live in warm or mild climates
  • Tend to get stuck on fences as they may damage the blanket

Quality and Comfort

Customers rave about the quality and comfort that this blanket offers. Many customers who purchased this blanket have their horses stalled or out in pasture and were wanting to keep them protected during stormy weather. They note that this blanket not only keeps their horses perfectly dry but also allows for a full range of movement. Some customers also mention that this blanket is easy to wash and maintains its durability even after heavy use.

Lightweight Blanket

Light blankets work well for horses who need a bit of help when it comes to warmth but are not quite needing a heavy duty blanket. Usually, these blankets work for horses who have a decent winter coat and are in very chilly weather. They can also work for horses with a shorn coat who are in mildly cold weather.

Northwind Lightly Filled Blanket

Northwind offers a lightly filled horse blanket that is completely waterproof and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is packed with 100 grams, offering mild warmth to horses. It is made out of 210 denier nylon making it waterproof and breathable. It is perfect for chilly days, light rain and cool winds. It costs around $180 and comes in a charcoal-navy color block option. It fits horses measuring from 72 to 84 inches. The blanket also comes with a lifetime warranty.


This blanket works well for horses that are turned out with other horses or kept in a herd. This blanket also offers:

  • Nylon fabric that is tear resistant
  • Tail flap protection
  • Lining that keeps the blanket from moving
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that allow for easier movement
  • A waterproof and breathable outer layer


This blanket does not work for horses that:

  • Need medium to heavy duty warmth
  • Require neck protection

Durable Blanket

Customers noted that this blanket is highly durable and sturdy enough to hold up in a playgroup of feisty geldings. Many also mention that their horses do not seem to have a problem with sweating while wearing the blanket. Others have said that they like the appearance of the blanket, that the blanket's hardware is durable, and that it allows full movement for their horse.

The Perfect Fit

When selecting a horse blanket, keep in mind your horse's coat length, his activity level and the typical weather he will be encountering. Take your time thinking about which blanket would best suit your horse.

Waterproof Horse Blankets