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Article Highlight: Unique Spanish Horse Names and Their Meanings

When you're looking for a stable name or show name for your horse or foal, sometimes it's best to travel outside the English language. Spanish has some of the most interesting, musical-sounding names ever spoken,… Keep reading »

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Horse naming is a complicated business, with various rules already in place for certain breeds. LoveToKnow Horses can help you understand how horses are named, as well as help you find an unofficial or barn name for your horse.

A Unique Choice

If you're looking for a name that is a bit out of the ordinary, LoveToKnow Horses can help you with that, too. Discover the perfect creative name for your equine friend.

  • When you think of a Spanish horse, the gorgeous Andalusian breed comes to mind. Use this striking animal as inspiration for Spanish horse names.
  • Discover some funny names for a mischievous horse. Horse behaviors can be comical at times, and the horse won't know why you're laughing.
  • Is your horse a gorgeous breed with a long mane and shiny coat? Consider an elegant name befitting of their beauty.
  • If your horse has a flair of fierce beauty, you may want to review Native American horse names.

A Name to Fit the Color

Animals are often given names based on the color of their fur, and this is true for horses, as well. Combine aspects of your horse's personality with color-oriented words to come up with a great name for your horse.

  • If your horse is a bay, brown, liver chestnut, or buckskin, you may want to investigate brown horse names.
  • If you're looking for names for red horses, you probably have a chestnut or sorrel horse.
  • If you want names for a black horse, a name reflecting their striking appearance may be desired.
  • White horse names can range from elegant and beautiful to fun and spunky.
  • Palominos are both a color and a breed. These golden beauties deserve special names unique to them.

Make It Yours

Whatever name you choose for your horse, share it with everyone at the barn. You may even be able to paint it on their stall or have it engraved on their tack.

Horse Names Inspiration