Elegant Horse Names

Elegant horse

Your horse's name reflects his or her personality, lineage, and your personal tastes. No matter the age or gender of your horse, elegant names are graceful, luxurious, and stylish. Inspiration for these types of names comes from things and people considered grand, rare, and highly coveted.

Other Words for Queen

The most iconic elegant women are queens from past empires and literary fantasy worlds. These women command respect and exude grace. A strong, independent female who leads others deserves that means "queen" pulled from different languages.

  • My Khaleesi - A word from the fictional Dothraki language in A Song of Fire and Ice series by George RR Martin
  • Erregina - From the Basque language spoken by the indigenous people of the Basque region on the border of France and Spain
  • Karaliene - Pulled from the Baltic language spoken in Latvia
  • Malkia - A word from the Bantu language Swahili as spoken in parts of Africa
  • Larenn - From Creole, one of the official languages of Haiti, based on French and African languages

Other Words for King

If you need a strong, elegant male horse name look no further than words meaning "king" in other languages. Not only do these names carry great meaning, but they sound regal.

  • Kral - Pulled from the official language of the Czech Republic.
  • Errege - From Basque language spoken by the indigenous people of Basque Country on the border of France and Spain.
  • Roi - The French equivalent of king.
  • Boqor - A word from Somali, one of the official languages of Somalia.
  • Regem - Pulled from Latin, the language of the ancient Roman Empire.

Fabric Names

Holstein stallion

Luxurious fabrics have been used to create beautiful clothing for rich and important people throughout history. These names are a unique way to pay homage to your horse's coat.

  • Vicuna - A rare animal from Peru resembling an alpaca, their fur is used to make one of the rarest fabrics in the world.
  • Charmeuse - This luxurious type of silk is often used to make gowns.
  • Brocade - A rich, woven fabric with raised designs in gold or silver.
  • Damask - A reversible fabric with elegant woven designs.
  • Jacquard -A complex fabric with a pattern woven into it.

Place Names

Some of the most beautiful places in the world serve as elegant inspiration for your horse.

  • Espana - The Spanish name for Spain
  • Janeiro - Inspired by Brazil's Rio de Janeiro
  • Kyoto - A former capital city of Japan
  • Isfahan - A town in Iran
  • Emirate - Inspired by the wealthy nation of the United Arab Emirates
  • Brunei - A small country in Southeast Asia

Literary Names

Graceful poets, authors, and literary character names inspired by your horse's personality are a unique name option.

  • Daenerys - A queen in the Song of Fire and Ice series, Daenerys Targaryen is strong-willed and beloved for her compassion.
  • Arundhati - An Indian author, Suzanna Arundhati Roy is passionate about helping others.
  • Bronte - Acclaimed sisters Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Bronte were writers and poets.
  • Rosalind - A smart, clever woman from Shakespeare's As You Like It.
  • Auden - W.H. Auden was a poet known for his love poems and inclusion of societal issues.

Mineral Names

Gemstones and minerals are the epitome of luxury, making them ideal for an elegant horse name.

  • Alexandrite - Changes from greenish-blue to pink-red depending on the light.
  • Beryl - Mostly comes in green and blue colors, Emerald and Aquamarine are types of Beryl.
  • Edoylerite - When found it is yellow but turns to an olive green after extended light exposure.
  • Thulium - A shiny silver color.
  • Fuschite - A strong emerald green color.

Adjective Names

Black stallion

As horse names typically describe the horse in some way, these elegant adjectives look and sound beautiful.

  • Opulent - means lavish
  • Balletic - means related to ballet, graceful
  • Lithe - thin and graceful
  • Palatial - like a palace
  • Grandiose - overly grand

Architectural Names

Throughout history elaborate and detailed architecture appears as a way to express personality and wealth. These terms roll of the tongue while sounding strong and beautiful.

  • Charette - a period of intense work
  • Biophelia - effect on humans of natural objects
  • Facciata - "face" in Italian
  • Archivolt - molded band around an arch
  • Caryatid - female figure in place of a column

Naming Tips

If you want to create your own unique, elegant name for a special horse, try one of these suggestions:

  • Look at names of things considered rare or expensive. Use the word as is or add a few letters on the front or back to make it original.
  • Choose words from ancient languages, they aren't likely to be used often and sound elegant by nature.
  • Combine two more common names you like to make a new name.

For more inspiration look at names of:

Anything or anyone that is regal, luxurious, rare, or graceful serves as inspiration for an elegant name.

A Name With Feeling

Elegant horse names offer an immediate impression of what to expect from your horse. Choose a respectable name that gives spectators or visitors great respect for your unique animal.

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