Unique Horse Names

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When you've just bought a new horse or pony, there's a lot of pressure to choose the right name for him. It has to be memorable, it has to suit their personality and, most importantly, it has to be creative! Choose something unique that's striking, impresses strangers, and worthy of your new pride and joy.

Food-Related Names

These food-related names could be related to your horse's color, personality or favorite treat!

  1. Caramel Highlights (Cara)
  2. Poison Apple (Apple)
  3. Dessert Rose (Rose)
  4. Banana Split (Splitz)
  5. Peachy Keen
  6. Ice Cream Glitter (Ice)
  7. Apple-bee
  8. Brioche
  9. Adoboloco
  10. Berlingozzo

Fantasy-Inspired Monikers

Show off your geeky side with one of these fantastical names.

  1. Mystic Mountain (Mystic)
  2. Bambi Eyed Surprise (Bambi)
  3. Fire of the Dragon (Fire)
  4. Mielhdros
  5. Nallbo
  6. Thainbar
  7. Glidain
  8. Quetza
  9. Ronnus
  10. Borneeagle

Trotting Around the Globe

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Maybe your horse reminds you of an amazing journey or trip? One of these names is sure to fit the bill and remind you of adventures far away.

  1. Brooklyn Heights (Brooklyn)
  2. Saigon Supreme (Sai, pronounced 'sigh')
  3. Sorrento Secret (Sorrento)
  4. Princeton Rush (Prince)
  5. Sydney Reign (Sydney)
  6. Texas Dream (Tex)
  7. Amarillo Thorn (Ama)
  8. Philadelphia Spirit (Phil)
  9. Cedynia
  10. Zenica

Astronomy Names for Your Horse

Go for gold with one of these creative astronomical names.

  1. Twilight Zone (Twila)
  2. Universally Speaking (Uni)
  3. Sparkle and Shine
  4. Shadow of the Moon (Shadow or Moon)
  5. Ibiza Night (Ibby)
  6. Polydeuces
  7. Lysithea
  8. Paaliaq
  9. El Gordo
  10. Seyfert

Things to Consider

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Whether your horse is male or female counts for a lot when it comes to deciding a name, but you might find you want to choose something that's gender-neutral.

How Your Horse Looks

The first stage is to take a good, hard look at your horse or pony. How would you describe him or her? There are many factors that can aid you in your decision when it comes to naming them, as well as gender. For example, size. If your horse is tall, you might want to avoid names that people associate with something small - like Minnie Mouse or Atom.

What's Your Horse's Breed

Similarly, the breed of your horse and pony and their personality can help you generate some ideas. For instance, if your horse is a thoroughbred and quite the character, it's better to choose a big, strong name to reflect this. On the other hand, if you have a small Shetland pony that's timid, you might want to consider cute names like Iced Gem or Cupcake.

Your Pony's Color

You should also think about the color of your horse or pony as this can help you in picking a name to match. If your horse is gray, for example, why not go for something like Smokey or Misty Day? Or, if your horse is pure white, Snow Shower? There are many varieties available to choose from.

Choosing a Unique Name

It might seem like a difficult decision, but eventually you will stumble across an idea that you love and unequivocally suits your horse or pony. Or you'll find a name that inspires more of your own ideas which eventually leads to a winner. Either way, enjoy the process of being creative and you'll soon find a perfect and unique name.

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